Shalryn Vuuvaxath

Triton Sorcerer




Another sorcerer born to the old clan of Vuuvaxath. The family is one of the oldest clans and one of the first to have past through the Breach. The Vuuvaxath clan is often given the honor of guarding the Ahorsath, the royal family. Her family name is so prominent that the protectorate, Vuuvax was named on their behalf. Like many Triton sorcerers, she has a draconic past. The source of her family’s power is forever owed to Vuuvaxralshara the dragon of the clan. Shalryn has a high amount of pressure to live up to the family name.

Combat experience is always put in high regard to Tritons and since Vuuvax is a fairly peaceful area she has set out in hopes of mastering her own powers so she can one day serve the High Family just as so many others before her. Kiora-the-Crashing-Wave-MtG-Art.jpg

Shalryn Vuuvaxath

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